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As a Miami native with a transparent track record, I make SEO strategies a priority. When I create marketing campaigns for SEO, I look at all aspects of digital marketing. I provide the highest standards. I also ensure that everything complies from a legal perspective. So you are looking for a top SEO optimization expert in Miami? I’ve been an SEO expert for over 10 years. I’ve boosted organic traffic for clients, like Percy Martinez P.A. law firm, by 400%. I also improved The One Hundred collection’s Google ranking to the top 3.

I have won awards and recgongition in my specialization but first lets start with the basics. SEO is a term which stands for Search Engine Optimization. The point of search engine optimization SEO is to rank your website on search engines. It also aims to help you gain organic traffic.

My SEO Expertise and Approach

As a business owner, having an SEO expert on your team can make or break your success. Effective SEO is not about visibility. It’s a critical investment in your business’s financial stability and growth. In today’s world, your online presence influences your revenue and market share. I am a marketer who provides digital marketing services. I specialize in search. I help you understand the nuances of organic and local search.

Ill explain why i am the right choice when looking for a seo optimization expert Miami, FL.

My approach to SEO is unique because I don’t get information from where everyone is. I test and do the work myself. I see for myself what works and what doesn’t. An example of this is recently Google changed the searches there was a new section on Google with forums. I made a channel and started adding content. Within a couple of days, it was ranking on the first page of Google. None of the “SEO experts” are talking about that and its important. Here are the results:

The true value I bring as an SEO optimization expert is what I can do for your business. I have a decade of SEO expertise. My SEO tactics will impact your business’s financial health. They will drive revenue growth and customer acquisition. My promise to you is simple. Not only will you rank high in the search engines, but you will also get targeted traffic. This will help your business grow and prosper. Here I am on linkedin as an influerencer an award I got as Linkedin top voice for search engine marketing:

By implementing my SEO campaigns, you’ll attract targeted customers and help your business. I am not a Miami SEO agency or a Miami seo company i am a Miami SEO search engine optimization expert.

The difference between it is I work alone, I do it myself. Hiring a SEO specialist also saves you money. When you hire a SEO agency, you are paying for many workers, not one. So not only will you have more hours of work done you will save money on costs. I also provide custom SEO strategies, where you will not find anywhere else. I am not a cookie cutter solution.

Some of my SEO Marketing Success Stories

Learn about the SEO strategies that will revolutionize businesses like yours. They will drive unparalleled growth and market leadership. I presented one Deck for Percy Martinez P.A. It created an opportunity. The opportunity generated a 287% increase in traffic through the search engine rankings. Here is a deck that showcases the leads we have obtained from my marketing strategy. We leveraged the Google business profile.

Through my SEO efforts you will rank higher in Google or Bing, thus obtaing more sales. To me, a successful business is not only about improving rankings. It’s everything that encompasses SEO.

SEO Services Offered

Marketing; is about delivering measurable business growth through digital marketing strategy.

I use the latest online marketing strategies and tactics. Many Miami SEO companies use them too, but I do them better. My mission is to help your company in whatever industry you are in. Marketing is marketing, and its always a good thing to get a different perspective, a fresh set of eyes.

My expertise in Search Engine Optimization will impact your rankings on Google & Bing. I will help you reach your goals.

The SEO services I provide are as follows:

Organic top 10 & “People Also Ask”

I will rank you in the “People also ask” section and the top 10 positions in search engine rankings.

Local Map Pack Optimization

I also rank on the map pack in Google and Bing for local search engine optimization.

We Use SEO geared Content

Content marketing is the core of the strategy. Your target audience sees the content propelled by SEO. One cannot function without the other.

Link building through PR involves building relationships and getting links on popular publications. I can do this for you as well.

Keep reading on to learn more about SEO and the process.

The Compeition and what Sets me apart.

Many of the top Miami SEO experts have established their positions in their fields. As you may know, these Miami SEO experts bring something unique to the table. Whether it’s a new strategy or strong technical understanding, there are many flavors. Yet, one thing is certain: they all focus on delivering results for their clients.

The only thing that sets me apart is my work. I don’t claim to be the best SEO specialist because the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.

That’s scary because many other SEO’s with little to no experince claim to be.

I can promise you one thing: you will get business from the search engine results. It has taken me countless hours of refinement, trials, and errors. I have cried, quit, reshaped and transformed myself countless times.

I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world

Increase Your Revenue

Take the next step in transforming your business’s online presence. Contact me now to discuss how we can improve your search engine rankings. I drive tangible results that create more traffic.

Mastery of Organic SEO

I can help you create winning strategies for search engine marketing. Yet, before we do all that we need to understand how your target audience is trying to find you through search.

How important is it?

Keyword research is so important that without it, might as well not even do SEO. Here’s a cool story I have for you that will help you better understand my process.

Creating the best keywords for your Niche

The other day, I was doing research on a grease recycling company. I looked at thier market and researched a few businsses. That market amazed me because of not only how lucrative it was but how bad the SEO was. Most of those companies were not doing correct keyword research. Thier customers where looking for them, but they were not targeting valuable keywords.

This is what I usually do when doing keyword research.

First, I look at the businesses and the services it provides.

We can use this page or rather this business as an example. This way you can get a good idea of my process on how I do keyword research.

You can do this a couple of ways. You can always put yourself in the minds of the customer and guess to the best of your ability. Or, based on market research, you can create audience profiles. From my experince creating audience profiles based on your target market is the best way.

Once I have that information, I create a marketing funnel with three segments: TOFO, MOFO, and BOFU. Within that funnel, I segment the keywords based on intent:

Now I can start conducting keyword research. In the case of this entity we can categorize the services I provide.

My go to for keyword research is Google’s keyword planner. Then, I continue my research on Ahrefs and SEMrush to make sure I didn’t miss anything. So the keywords will start to look like something like this:

Informational Intent Keywords (Example)

  • “Effective digital marketing strategies”
  • “How to improve online presence”
  • “Latest social media marketing trend”
  • “Benefits of SEO for small businesses”
  • “Content marketing best practices”
  • “[Marketing Agency Name] services”
  • “Contact [Marketing Agency Name]”
  • “[Marketing Agency Name] case studies”
  • “Directions to [Marketing Agency Name]”
  • “[Marketing Agency Name] team”

Commercial Intent Keyword (Examples)

  • “Best marketing agencies in [City/Region]”
  • “Affordable marketing services near me”
  • “Top digital marketing companies”
  • “Marketing agencies specializing in [industry]”
  • “Comparing marketing service providers”

Transactional Intent Keywords (Example)

  • “Hire [ Name] for digital marketing”
  • “Book a consultation with [Name]”
  • “Marketing packages at [Name]”
  • “Sign up for [Name] newsletter”
  • “Start a project with [Name]”

Comparison Intent Keyword (Examples)

  • “Marketing agency vs freelance marketer”
  • “[Name] vs [Name] services”
  • “Comparing marketing automation tools”
  • “SEO agencies comparison”
  • “Social media marketing companies rated”

Review + Testimonial Intent Keywords (Example)

  • “[ Name] client testimonials”
  • “Reviews of [Name] services”
  • “Case studies of [Name]”
  • “Feedback on [Name]’s campaigns”
  • “[Name] success stories”

From here you can very start obtaining lists of thousands of keywords, what I would do in this case. I would start categorizing these keywords into thematic categories. During keyword research, you will start to see gaps. This is especially true when doing competitive analysis. This is what sets me apart from other SEO experts, is the ability to find these gaps.

I don’t use tools because everyone uses tools, the best way for me has been to look at everything myself. This is where experince shines and this is how you can get an advantage over your competitors.

These methods that I have implemented have helped my clients grow through search by as much as 300%+. I can do the same for you.

Here is are some of the companies that have increased thier online traffic by:

Percy Martinez P.A 366%

Swatch Group (Mido) 72%

Zix Corporation

Nest Casa

Increase Your Companies Revenue

Tried, tested and proved; my marketing results speak for themsleves. Speak with me today, I am avilable 24/7.