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As you know, local SEO is essential for any local business to be sucessful on the search engines.

For those who don’t know what Local SEO is here is a quick picture about what it is:

The best way to explain how benefical Local SEO is for your business is through an example. I worked on Percy Martinez P.A’s website in 2017. I ranked it on the first page of Google within the local pack in 6 months. The number of calls and engagement we got from being in the Local pack made a huge difference. There was about a 34% increase in leads besides the already 27% from ranking #1 organically. So yes, it is very important to be on the top of the search engines for the Google Local Pack.

My approach to Local SEO is very different from most people. What I like to do is first create the navigation in a wireframe.

I usually plan for expansion. I always think multi city.

With that in mind, I would map out different locations and create service pages in an Excel sheet. I would connect those wireframe pages on either adobe, Figma or Canva. This helps me understand how potential users will interact with your local business. I usually have a customers journey map on the top while I am creating the content. I also have it while connecting the pages via wireframe.

Once I have that laid out, I can start developing it on the website. The time depends on how many services pages and local blogs. It usually takes about a month to complete something of around 20 pages and web design.

That’s a ballpark figure.

You also need to consider the competition and length of pages.

Once that’s done, I can start creating NAP’s. I’ll use a mix of local aggregator tools and local link building through PR. From there, I would analyze the project. I would see what we can do to optimize the campaign. This could be anything from creating more NAPs to adding more content.

For local businesses, you can get creative from a technical standpoint. You can help ease the complexity of getting your clients to write reviews. You can create a tool for them to post reviews, this helps by makeing the process of reviews easy. You can use the same concept for directions. There are also plenty of prebuilt tools that exist, such as podium or yext.

So, back to what I was saying; During the linkbuilding for local citations. I would also optimize or create the Google My business page. The website also needs proper schema tags for local optimization. Google used to show the review schemas a lot. But they have changed to showing FAQs. For 2024 Google is implementing social media into local searches as well. This means social media posts will show up in the local search results and here is an example of that:

Cool tip: Images are also super important, people love images, they want to see your business all facets of it. Updating posts and adding media is essential.

Here’s something I learned along the way. I implemented the Spanish content for the Local service pages for Google my Business. It didn’t rank well. Then, I had someone who actually spoke Spanish translate it. After that, it went up in rankings.

That’s pretty much it. As an SEO specialist, here are the services I can provide you with to boost your local SEO.

  • Google My Business (GMB)
  • Local Citation Management
  • On-Page SEO for Local
  • Online Reviews Management
  • Local Link Building
  • NAP Consistency
  • Local Schema Markup
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Location Pages Optimization
  • Geotagging and Geo-Targeting
  • Google Maps Optimization
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Local Content Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Local Social Media Marketing
  • Local PPC Advertising
  • Community Outreach
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Local SEO Reporting
  • Multi-location SEO Strategy

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